PillTracker is an innovative adherence system that helps patients and doctors collaboratively manage medication consumption. 

Medication non-adherence impacts the American healthcare system, resulting in a $300 billion loss annually.  

Leveraging a patented conductive layer, advanced Qualcomm chipset, and a familiar android based user interface, PillTracker streamlines adherence throughout the life cycle of the medication for the patient and doctor alike.  



Our impact

Medication Adherence


Medication Adherence

Of all medication-related hospitalizations that occur in the United States of America, 33%–69% are the result of medication non-adherence"

-  National Center for Biotechnology Information

Medication adherence is one of the greatest challenges facing both out-patient care and drug development. Too often, patients struggle to take their medication at the correct time, or simply forget altogether, with doctors not becoming informed of this fact in a timely manner.   

PillTracker approaches medication adherence from both directions: we remind the patient about their prescribed dose, while tracking their medication use in near-real-time on behalf of the healthcare provider. All of this is made possible by a ‘smart’ blister packaging paired with a user-friendly medication dispenser: PillTracker.

Clinical Trial Support


Clinical Trial Support

More than 72% of clinical trials run more than a month behind schedule"

- The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Medication adherence is now a crucial part of every clinical trial. Non-adherence can cost pharmaceutical sponsors millions of dollars, and delay them for years.
Near real-time monitoring of adherence is key to a successful and lean study.

PillTracker enables precise and efficient clinical trials by tracking medication use in near real time, accepting patient feedback and offering direct engagement between study staff and participants. 

PillTracker extends electronic Clinical Trial Management Systems (eCTMS) into the hands of the patient. Additionally, study staff can update prescribed dosing for patients, send them notifications and accept formal Case Report Forms through the device. 

Drug Diversion Control


Drug Diversion Control

“Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids."

- Center for Disease Control

Drug overdose is the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. 

As regulations become stricter for opioid medications, pharmaceutical companies are under even greater pressure, to prove to enforcement agencies that their drugs will safely be put into the right patient's hands. At the same time, doctors are looking for ease of mind that opioids can be administered with minimal risk to patient well-being.  

With its fingerprint reader and camera, PillTracker solves both by regulating access to the medication, and following up once a patient has accessed it.  


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How it works

Smart Packaging

As technology moves forward, so does smart packaging. The current forms of smart packaging available are expensive and unreliable, relying on technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, or other embedded electronics.     

PillTracker’s technology is based on a printed electronics layer that is applied to the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s blister packaging post production. By eliminating complex electronics, it allows for a more reliable reading of the medication, while removing the need to tamper with existing packaging or production lines, all for approximately 1 cent per pill. 

Real Time Schedule Tracking

When patients do not adhere to their prescribed regimen it can prevent the medication from being fully effective. Furthermore, should a patient be on a complex regimen, if a dosage is not taken it can result in critical timing of other consumptions to be thrown off, as well as result in potential adverse side effects. 

Through PillTracker's built in scheduling features, patients receive alerts and instructions when its time to take their medication, in a way that they can easily be adopted into their lifestyle. With communication via the cloud, doctors receive feedback in real time, allowing them to remotely adjust a patient's schedule, without the patient even needing to set foot in the doctor's office.  

Friendly User Interface

New technologies can be hard for doctors and patients to adopt. Learning new tools can be confusing for them, leading to unnecessary delays and the opportunity for things to go wrong. 

PillTracker's walk-up-and-use system is based off the already familiar android OS user interface, allowing patients to become comfortable with the device faster, and doctors to use the time saved to focus on the patient and medication instead. Through its familiar starting point and clear calls to action, PillTracker removes any anxiety that comes with adopting new medical technologies. The simple interface clearly shows the patient what to do and how to do it, allowing the system to be up and running correctly in as little time as possible.  


The rising need to address prescription drug addiction has led to a greater understanding that the way we interact with medications needs to be more secure.  

The PillTracker device contains several security features such as fingerprint recognition and a camera to help ensure that only the right patient is accessing the medication. Furthermore, the device can only be unlocked for a limited interval around scheduled consumption times, thereby insuring that patients do not have unrestricted access to addictive or dangerous medications. A patient's interactions with these security measures are also communicated back to the doctor, helping to establish a record that both the doctor and patient can refer back to as part of patient follow up.  



The Team

Zachary Javitt  CEO and Co-founder

Zachary Javitt

CEO and Co-founder

Ezra Erani  Lead Android Engineer

Ezra Erani

Lead Android Engineer

Mike Hiner  CTO

Mike Hiner


Shallin Ris  Fullstack Engineer

Shallin Ris

Fullstack Engineer

Gregory Shuster  VP of R&D

Gregory Shuster

VP of R&D

Joy Hwang  FullStack Engineer

Joy Hwang

FullStack Engineer

Akiva Futter  Product Manager

Akiva Futter

Product Manager

Ephraim Cohen  Production Technician

Ephraim Cohen

Production Technician


Directors and Advisors

Dr. Jonathan C. Javitt, M.D., M.P.H.  Chairman, Co-founder & CHief Medical Advisor

Dr. Jonathan C. Javitt, M.D., M.P.H.

Chairman, Co-founder & CHief Medical Advisor

Dr. Gil Mileikowsky, MD  Director

Dr. Gil Mileikowsky, MD


Prof. Chuan Wang, Ph.D  ChiEf Technology Advisor

Prof. Chuan Wang, Ph.D

ChiEf Technology Advisor


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